Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Keep Writing Whatever is Your Reason To Blog

Until this step, you already have a blog. So the next question is "what is make you want to have a blog"? Do you just want to share a beautiful moment in your life? Or maybe you want to go further to see the power of blogging? What is the advance of blogging? Ok, I will write down some advance of blogging.
  1. Getting connected to other people. When your blog is known by others, they usually leave comments and you will interact with them by replying their comments. Then you will have friends and begin a community if you get a lot of people with same interest. See, blogging is FUN!
  2. Going to be famous. When a lot of people find your blog is interesting, you will begin to be known by others as a good writer. Your blog will be visited by a lot of people day by day. In this level, you are going to be a blog superstar!
  3. Famous = MONEY. What does superstar get from his famous? Beside popularity, he will have a lot of money. Movie stars get a lot of money because their movies are watched by millions of people. When your blog is famous, you can get a lot of money by just doing writing. I will explain about this in my next post.
So, whatever your goals from doing blogging even just to share your daily activities, Keep Writing!

For me, the reason is Blogging is FUN! *_*

Do People Love Your Blog?

When you love someone, every single day you want to see him/her. That is a fact that we won't argue about that. When people love your blog, they will come every day wondering that maybe there will be a new and interesting thing or article. So, it is important to make your blog beeing loved by the readers. Huge traffic without interested content is nothing. People won't come back to your site if they found nothing interesting. So how make people love your blog? I have some tips for you.
  1. Original content. When you write something new that nobody hasn't wrote it yet, then reader will see that you are a true and interested person. If your content is good article, it will bring more and more traffic to your blog.
  2. Image. Sometimes when your article is not interested enough, images will attract your readers. But beware, too much images will blur your contents.
  3. Layout. No despite that a good and structural layout will make readers to love your blog. A beautiful look doesn't always have a good structural layout. The simple tips is place your menu bar in easy viewable location. Also if you decide to put ads in your blog, place them so readers won't be feel annoying. Too much ads will kill your blog.
  4. Widget. This is an additional item that can be place at your blog in several easy steps. But please be careful, when your blog has too much widget, people will feel boring and your content might not be seen.